Craft Economies provides a wide-ranging exploration of contemporary craft production, situating practices of amateur and professional making within a wider creative economy. Contributors address a diverse range of practices, sites and forms of making in a wide range of regional and national contexts, from floristry to ceramics and from crochet to coding. The volume considers the role of digital practices of making and the impact of the maker’s movement as part of larger trends around customisation, on-demand production, and the possibilities of 3D printing and digital manufacturing.

Table of contents

1. Crafting economies: Contemporary cultural economies of the handmade – Susan Luckman and Nicola Thomas

Craft, Making and the Creative Economy
2. Crafts community: physical and virtual – Xin Gu
3. Fast forward: design economies and practice in the near future – Marzia Mortati
4. Craft, collectivity and event-time – Katve-Kaisa Kontturi
5. “Buy a hat, save a life”: commodity activism, fair trade, and crafting economies of change’ – Lisa A. Daily

Craft, the ‘Handmade’ and Contested Commodification
6. Towards a politics of making: re-framing material work and locating skill in the Anthropocene – Chris Gibson and Chantel Carr
7. Dichotomies in textile making: employing digital technology and retaining authenticity – Sonja Andrew and Kandy Diamond
8. People have the power?: appropriate technology and the implications of design for labour-intensive making – Gabriele Oropallo
9. The ghost potter: vital forms and spectral marks of skilled craftsmen in contemporary tableware – Ezra ShalesThe Work of Craft
10. Our future is in the making: trends in craft education, practice and policy – Julia Bennett
11. Establishing the crafting self in the contemporary creative economy – Susan Luckman and Jane Andrew
12. Handmaking your way out of poverty?: craftwork’s potential and peril as a strategy for poverty alleviation in Rockford, Illinois – Jessica BarnesCraft-Driven Place-Making and Transnational Circuits of Craft Practice
13. Interrogating localism: what does “Made in Portland” really mean? – Stephen Marotta and Charles Heying
14. Policy, locality and networks in a cultural and creative countryside: the case of Jingdezhen, China’ – Troy Zhen Chen
15. Design Recycle meets the Product Introduction Hall: Craft, locality and agency in northern Japan – Sarah Teasley
16. Crafted places/places for craft: pop-up and the politics of the “crafted” city – Ella HarrisTechnology, Innovation and Craft
17. Knitting and crochet as experiment: exploring social and material practices of computation and craft – Gail Kenning and Jo Law
18. Towards new modes of knowledge production: makerspaces and emerging maker practices – Angelina Russo
19. The post digital: contemporary making and the allure of the genuine’ – Keith Doyle, Hélène Day Fraser and Philip Robins
20. Crafting code: gender, coding and spatial hybridity in the events of PyLadies Dublin – Sophia Maalsen and Sung-Yueh Perng

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