LoveLace presents a multidisciplinary collection of work by 134 finalists in the Powerhouse Museum International Lace Award. Playful and inventive, these works represent a provocative challenge to traditional concepts of lace.

Artists from 20 different countries push lace techniques in surprising new directions – knitting human hair into sculptures of human organs, crocheting steel wire into a ghostly motor engine, carving lace patterns from the body of a rusty old truck. Lindie Ward curated the exhibition.


My work in the exhibition was a computer generated animation based on a piece of crochet lace in the lace study centre collection

More details can be found at Evolving Lace



Sadly details of the exhibition are no longer available on the MAAS website

The lovelace catalogue is available here

A review of the Lovelace exhibition can be found here

Other reviews and videos include:

Love Lace International Lace Award and exhibition: behind the scenes

Love Lace International Lace Award and Exhibition: creating the shadows





















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