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I am an experimental artist, researcher and educator working with cross-disciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches in art and design. As artist and researcher I and exploring how digital media and new technologies can contribute to other research fields and disciplines, and be informed by them.

My artistic practice takes the form of data visualisation, programmed animation, video and photography and sculptural installation. I work at the intersection of data and digital media, and art, craft and design.

My primary areas of research are:

  • The intersection of Art and Science
  • Exploring through writing and creative practice how digital media, techniques and practices cause a reassessment of traditional values and challenge boundaries in relation to art, craft, and popular culture.
  • Examining how digital media can be used to create tools for creativity and extend creative practice. I am currently exploring how we can extend domestic craft-based activities and create opportunities for play in order to contribute to health and wellbeing for the elderly and persons with dementia
  • Being fascinated by and having worked for many years with data and data visualisations,  I am also exploring how textiles can be used to render  and visualise large data sets and reveal patterns, information and produce meaning.

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